Bits and Pieces of Second Life 2014-6

Materials – Prim Perfect has an article up on the surprise they experienced  when moving to a new viewer that was Materials capable. In their words: “The difference is stunning.”

If you aren’t running with the Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) enabled, you are missing out.

Exploring Banana Island - 2014

Exploring Banana Island – 2014

In the Firestorm viewers only the BETA version has Materials capability, for now. If you are a Firestorm user you may want to check out the Beta. If you are leery of Beta versions, you may want to try the main release SL Viewer. 

Prim Perfect is using the new materials enabled viewers to take pictures to make into puzzles. See: JigZone.

I have a thread up on SLUniverse asking for the name of regions that make lots of use of Materials. See: Where are Materials in use? You can also give me suggestions in the comments. So far, Gabriell Anatra has pointed me to Babbage and Steelhead. Coby Foden suggests Fourth Dimension and Capella. Nika Talaj suggests looking at the home regions of people selling landscaping stuff in the market place, which is probably a really good idea I’ll try.

Railroads – Second Life has a number of railroads. I see there are a number of updates to the wiki information about these railroads. Search the wiki on railroad to get more information.

Chinese New Year Festival – (SLURL) Juicy Bomb is still part of my daily reading. Gorgeous pictures. She points to the festival in the post: Get Lucky. The festival runs from 1/31 to 2/21. Dress warm, it is snowing there.

I am always on the lookout for Cheongsam dresses. So, this is a festival I’m interested in.

Bake Fail – See still see bake fail (avatar remains a cloud) from time. The team is still working to resolve those problems. Work is proceeding on both the server and viewer sides of the problem. The Sunshine regions in ADITI (the preview grid) are the test regions for this work. A beta test viewer is available for testing the changes.

The Beta is not an RC version. It has yet to get that far through testing and design. Also, as a beta version this version will NOT update. So, it is not a simple install nor will it work without some changes to your other SL Viewer’s settings. So, only run this viewer if you are familiar with viewer installs. And know that this viewer only works to reduce bake fail problems when used within the Sunshine test region on ADITI.

Real testing of the viewer will start when the RC version of this viewer is released. But, if you are having serious bake fail issues with your avatar and all else is failing, you might try this viewer to see if it helps.

Download: AISv3 Test Viewer = Sunshine External.

Inventory Capacity – If you don’t already know, an inventory folder is limited to having 10,000 items and a folder counts as an item. Regardless of the number of items in a folder, the folder only counts as one item for the folder it is in.

In other words, folder A could contain folders B and C and up to 9,998 items, 10,000 minus 2 folders. Folder B could contain some number of items up to 10,000 items and folder C could also. So, folder A could contain 10,000 folders each containing 10,000 items or 100,000,000 items. But, each of those folders in A could contain more folders and thus provide storage from more items than anyone has time to download.

…I already have trouble finding things in inventory and I doubt I have any folder with even a 1,000 items.

The revised inventory system, API, will have the same limit… if we can call this a limit.

If you are curious about the various limits built into Second Life, see: Second Life Limits.

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  1. That Nutrisystem ad still sticks out into the text and can’t be removed. Sorry I don’t know how to do a screen snap thing on my ipad .

    • I have tried to find the problem on my S4 and an iPad-1. I can’t reproduce the problem. I believe you. I suspect it may be a WebKit/Safari problem with the render. There may be a work-around I can add to the CSS for Safari. But, I have other things I need to get working before I start looking for that fix. Sorry. Thanks for trying.

      For screen captures see:

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