Second Life Bits and Pieces 2014-4

SL Forum

Ciaran Laval has an article up talking about getting the Lab to make a section of the SL Forum for podcasts. See: Should The Second Life Website Have A Category For Podcasts And Inworld Media Shows? The article is more than a question. Ciaran goes into a bit of the history of Second Life™ podcasts.

Quadcopter - image by:  John_Biehler - Flickr

Quadcopter – image by:
John_Biehler – Flickr

If you think it is a good idea, post a feature request in the SL JIRA. Remember. There is no ‘Feature Request’ option in the JIRA. Just file a bug report and put the words ‘Feature Request’ in the title. The request is seen and moved to the Lab’s internal feature request list and quickly closed. It isn’t forgotten just because the JIRA item is closed. It lives on in the internal processing of the Lab.

I was having trouble with the JIRA this morning. So, if you have trouble, don’t be surprised and it probably is not you.

Inara on Drax Show

Inara has a good review of Drax’s Show #2. See: The Drax Files Radio Hour: Osprey remembered and the future of VR.

Pop over and read, at least, the section of the article titled Controversy. I’m not sure Inara’s use of the word ‘pressure’ describes the facts. Also, I would not be surprised if it’s accurate. But, we don’t have the facts of what was going on between the NSA and Linden Lab. What we have is information from an employee whose connection with the top management circle is unclear.

Apparently the discussions between NSA and the Lab occurred some time ago when everyone was much more sensitive about 9-11. So, whether it was the heavy hand of government or the Lab trying to be a good citizen is probably never going to be known.

Home and Garden Show

Seems everyone’s blogging about the Home and Garden Show being rescheduled from May to September. It appears they thought there was too much going on in May, just too many things for residents to participate in. So they delayed the show.


OMG! Over on SLUniverse there’s a newbie posting about not being able to find a cyberpunk area. I thought it was impossible to avoid such areas. However, people new to SL have their challenges. See: A newbie who can’t find Cyberpunk… HELP!!!

The thread has a great collection of links to various cyberpunk areas.

Cute Azz

Dolly Baroque over on Double Exposure has an article on the new Cute Azz mesh body enhancement by  Luck Inc. if those big butts are too much for you, try the new smaller Cute Azz. See: About the Booty.

Data Collection

If you are one that thinks people are completely random and their actions, this should give you second thoughts. I don’t mean that people don’t plan what they are to going to do or have habit. I have plans for this afternoon and it is no challenge for my friends to know where I’ll be Friday evenings. But that someone could predict what I’m going to do well enough to spend money on it is a bit hard to accept. But check this out: Amazon Patents “Anticipatory” Shipping.

That drone delivery thing is so yesterday.

Let me think about this. Amazon figures out what to ship you, their drone delivers it, and you have yet to buy it. The enterprising neighborhood hacker sets up a video camera and character recognition for drones. When a drone arrives the hacker launches his drone and picks up the package and brings it home. The buyer will never know he/she has been robbed because he/she has not bought it yet. The buyer will be left wondering why it never got there because the buyer has been checking his video surveillance cameras ever since he made the purchase.

Okay that’s a bit over the top. But you get the idea…

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