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I have found some good things and some bad things in this theme. One of them is my fault. The Viewer pages and The Stuff pages are not working. I used custom pages for those. I would need to move those over from my old theme. But, I’ll actually need to rewrite them for the responsive design. So, it is going to take some time to make that fix. You can still get to the articles, just use the categories selector on the right.

New Theme Jan 2014

New Theme Jan 2014

I’ve added advertising. I ended up using the Quick Adsense plug-in. I tried All In One Adsense. It did not allow me to use ads in widgets. Quick Adsense does. It was easy to set up once I got past my initial confusion. 

I’ve also added an image display plug-in: Image Zoom. It looks like it works well with no effort on my part. I just size the images and put them in the posts as I always have. Those that I want to enlarge I just add the link to image. The user clicks on them and sees the enlarged version. If there are more several images the user can click through the set. The same with galleries of images.

Check out the plug-in on this article: Fitted Mesh Concepts. There are 4 images that can be enlarged or you can click through the series. I like the way it works on my desktop. It sort of sucks on my phone. I suppose I’ll have to wait for an update that handles responsive designs.

Thanks to all of you that left comments on the new theme.

5 thoughts on “Blog Changes

  1. An ad fir Nutrisystem blocked the edge of the last paragraph of this post – as I will not click it to attempt to remove it missed some of the meaning of the entry. I am on an iPad.

  2. For* Nutri

    Actually second and third paragraphs from the end are. Impacted.

    The jowly lady to the right made me leave the page quickly 🙂

    • If you will send me a screen capture. I’ll be making some changes to the various responsive layouts over the coming weeks.

  3. I really, really like the clean design! I read mostly via Feedly on my iPhone 5c or my very old iPad. For most pages, it looks great and handles images in your posts well. The old design sometimes had problems displaying posts with big images, probably because of a float problem: they would be displayed farther down in the center column than usual, below the content on the left sidebar. Now it just flows nicely.

    It looks like Safari can’t handle the plug-in you’re using on the “Fitted Mesh Concepts” page, it returns an error: “Safari cannot open the page because it could not connect to the server.” So reading that would have to wait until I’m on my main desktop page.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’ll look at it in Safari and an iPad this coming weekend. There are some ads that Google and others run that create problems. My Chrome (dev version) currently has a lot of problems with Facebook. I have to do Facebook in Firefox. But, I’ll see if it is a problem with the theme or a plug-in I use.

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