Second Life News 2014-3

This week there are no updates rolling out to the servers. At this point all we know is Maestro Linden has said they want to allow the existing packages to run for another week. We may learn more at today’s (1/14) Server & Scripting meeting.

There are a couple of speculations that it is from a problem with region crossings or the rash of unscheduled inventory maintenance events we have been seeing. The maintenance passes are happening several times per week. SL has been working pretty well for me, so I have no guesses at this point. I do continue to see people in Answers complaining of being logged out. I’ve run into that problem too. But, only once.

Religious Places in SL

We have an interesting new page in the Second Life Wiki: Religious Places. It seems to be the result of effort from Anaimfinity Resident. Anaimfinity notes the page should be complete this month. If you know of place that is not on the list, you can add it.


Strawberry Singh has her Monday Mimes going again. This week’s is about practical jokes. I’m admitting nothing… it wasn’t me.


If you blog you’ll probably find this interesting. Tech Crunch has an article about WP Engine, a WordPress hosting company with over 14,000 customers hosting 120,000+ sites. The article says Wp Engine is growing 25% per quarter, which is impressive. See: WP Engine Raises $15M.

Net Neutrality

A new court ruling is allowing  Internet Service Providers to block Internet traffic as they see fit. So, COX can block information about AT&T or Sprint. Liberal organizations can block conservative information or vice versa. This is another problem for those of us that believe in free speech. See: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC’s Open Internet Order.

The Internet is a privately owned system. This private ownership limits what government can control. The motivation behind Net Neutrality is ultimately to give control and ownership of the net to the UN. Once the UN, who’s majority of members are dictatorships, kingdoms, and single party political systems, takes over censorship will become common place. That makes this a precarious problem for free peoples.

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