Oculus Rift in Second Life’s Berlin 1920

Jo Yardley has been talking with Björn-Christian Bönkost. Björn has a Rift SDK unit that he is using with David Rowe’s CtrlAltStudio Viewer. Björn visited Berlin in Second Life™ and Jo got him to write about it. You can read his account here: First Oculus Rift user visits Berlin.

I think for anyone thinking of trying out the Rift, Björn ‘s comments say it very well: “I was impressed, amazed and stunned. The city is bigger than anything you can find as a demo for the rift.” 

I think Jo can be very proud of her work inspiring this comment: “This is another plus point for this virtual world, Berlin has a constant scale, houses are big and the newspapers and glasses, tables and chair all have the right size.

And this is present in every corner I saw, nothing stands out or  breaks the suspension of disbelief.”

Björn did start to suffer motion sickness and mentioned some lag between moving his head and seeing the world move. That can certainly cause motion sickness.

It is an interesting read.

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