Cool VL Viewer Release

Henri Beauchamp has released a new viewer version of his Cool VL Viewer. The blog is here: Cool VL Viewer. The release notes are here.

If I understand correctly, this version is using the render engine from the SL Viewer 3.5. That would mean the engine is Materials Capable.

There are bug fixes that deal with mesh objects download and rigged mesh causing crashes. Memory problem detection has been improved, meaning  less crashes. Also changes for more efficient use of memory. FMOD Ex has been updated, this has to do with sound other than voice.

There is an experimental version of the viewer: that includes Materials support from SL Viewer code version 3.6 and the Mesh Deformer. This version should have those features enabled on both OpenSim and SL grids.

Scroll down the blog page to find the 1.26.9 Experimental download.


2 thoughts on “Cool VL Viewer Release

  1. The v3.5 renderer is the last pre-material one (which is v3.6), so the Cool VL Viewer v1.26.8 doesn’t render materials but it doesn’t have all the render glitches (and horrible lighting issues) the v3.6 renderer still got…

    The Cool VL Viewer v1.26.9 (i.e. the experimental branch) is using the materials renderer however and got full materials support (i.e. including the build tools).

    Note that I publish new releases of the three branch (legacy v1.26.4 with the v2.6 renderer, stable v1.26.8 with v3.5 renderer and experimental v1.29.9 with the v3.6 renderer) *every week*… ;-P

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