Kokua Viewer 3.6.2 Released

Late yesterday a post appeared on the Kokua-Imprudence blog about the release of a new Kokua Viewer version. See: Kokua 3.6.2 is released.

Kokua is one of the third party viewers (TPV) testing the new Linden viewer update pipeline. That process has been added to Kokua. It will of course update from the Kokua downloads rather than Linden downloads. This will allow them to push updates to you.

I still find it annoying to be in a hurry to log in and get popped in the face with a “Youse gotta update NOW…” message. It will be interesting to see how TPV Dev’s handle this annoyance.

There are other fixes and new features.


One thought on “Kokua Viewer 3.6.2 Released

  1. The best way to avoid the “must update before login” problem is to load one of the optional upgrades you’re offered – usually weeks before the version you’re running becomes old enough to be blocked from logging in.

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