Singularity 1.8.1 Released

With word coming that the Phoenix and older Firestorm viewers will be blocked from the SL Grid by the Firestorm Team, it would seem Singularity is in a good position to pick up more users. So, this new release is welcome news to many.

The headline for Singularity is that it gets Media On A Prim (MOAP) with this version.  There are 20± more additions to the Singularity Viewer.

See the announcement here: 1.8.1 – Prim Media.

2 thoughts on “Singularity 1.8.1 Released

  1. I’dlike to point out that Singularity now allows to reimport Genepool shapes (shapes stored as XML data) back to Second Life. This also applies to Shape files created or modified with Avastar. So you no longer have to fiddle with shape slider values in SL after you changed something in Blender.

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