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A new release of RLViewer is out. You don’t really need it… no, I’m being nice. There is a problem with version and version is sort of a fix. Or you can just follow directions in the announcement post and fix your currently installed version viewer.

See: RestrainedLove Viewer You need to copy 5 files from the SL Viewer install folder over to the RLV folder.

Or download the new RestrainedLove Viewer version here.

There is also a problem with Materials in the viewer. It breaks InvisiPrims… REALLY!!! I thought that had been broken in the SL Viewers forever. Whatever, Marine Kelley has been providing support for InvisiPrims because some RLV products need them to hide parts of the avatar under script control.

It looks like Marine is not going to be able to cobble up a working fix. Marine is planning to change the products to operate a different way. So, I guess start writing off InvisiPrims permanently.


4 thoughts on “RestrainedLove Viewer

  1. It’s not materials that broke invisiprims, it’s Advanced Lighting Model. It’s only becoming apparent now because materials requires ALM.

    Invisiprims have been deprecated for a long time. People that ship products that depend on them have been shipping broken products.

    • No Invisiprims is going to be a problem for several RLV things that need to hide parts of the avatar. I’m working on a problem now and trying to figure an easy to use way around not being able to change avatar alpha layers by script.

  2. There are only two lines of code to modify in LL’s viewer sources to enable invisprims, and yes, including with deferred rendering on and materials support: the Cool VL Viewer has been doing it for many months already, just like Singularity…

  3. And there are use cases for invisprims for which alpha layers cannot do anyhing to replace them, especially for in-world objects (i.e. objects your avatar “sits” onto and that don’t involve wearing specific attachments): for example, think of a meat grinder in which an avatar’s body progressively disappears as it sinks into it… There’s no way to create a progressively disappearing alpha layer…

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