Second Life News 2013-33

We have the plans for this week’s roll outs. Caleb Linden tells us that there will be no roll to the main grid. That probably means no region restart either.

Blue Steel

This channel gets a new maintenance package. The release notes are here. The fixes included are:

BUG-3547Sim Crossing Rezzes Objects Surrounding Individuals. The grey box attachment problem. It is described as: A grey box, untextured, rezzed around a person sitting on a vehicle (Loonetta Sailing Boat) when the boat performed a sim crossing. The box generally surrounds most of the person who was sitting in the passenger seat of the boat. It happened repeatedly. The person then loses any form of avatar control and must relog. The box appears, when edited, to be linked to the boat.

BUG-3291llListen in linked objects is listening at root instead of linked object local position *after re-rezzing the linkset* Note: Attachments always listen at the AV position.

Fixed a few crash modes.

New: Region should block rezzing and entering during final region restart countdown time, the 60 seconds before a shutdown.

Le Tigre

This channel also gets a new package. It is said to only include a few internal bug fixes which shouldn’t show any visible changes to the residents.


This channel is going to keep the SSA package. It gets no changes and may not even see a restart pass.

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