Oculus Has Competition – SpaceGlasses

Indigo Mertel posted on Facebook about these SpaceGlasses. cNet has an interview with the developer: Meta’s Meron Gribetz and the rise of the natural machine. But the fun part is the video.

In an earlier article I pointed out the rush all the companies are in to capture a part of the mobile market. Oculus is in the race for mobile market share too.


2 thoughts on “Oculus Has Competition – SpaceGlasses

  1. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two entirely different things.

    While this looks neat, it’s in no way competition for Oculus Rift.

    It is, however, direct competition for Google Glass.

    But I have serious doubts that will ever go mainstream.

    • Oculus is chasing the mobile market. So says OR management. This suggests to me the OR headset we see now may go with something more like the Space Glasses or at least some type of transparent option similar to HUD’s in use now. So, I am anticipating all three will be competing at some point.

      But, you could be right. Time will tell.

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