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Strawberry Singh is well known for her personality and gorgeous pictures. She has a talent for posing an avatar and composing a great image. In the blog post Moving your own Avatar! she explains how to position your avatar. I mean to actually move the avatar.

Singh Logo

Singh Logo

One of the ways to move an avatar into just the right position for a photo is to sit it on a prim, play the pose, and make the prim invisible. You can edit the prim and move it wherever you want. Of course the avatar goes with it. But, things get much more complicated when you are in a no rez region.

That is when Strawberry’s tips will come in way handy.

2 thoughts on “Moving Your Avatar

  1. awwwww, thank you for blogging me. <3 I was amazed when I found out about those tricks, I can't believe I've been in SL for 6 years and still learning new things, lol.

    • YW… thanks for sharing what you have learned.

      I think a lot of us did not know those tricks.

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