The Drax Files – World Makers: Episode 6 – Abramelin Wolfe

This episode is about Abramelin Wolfe one of the people behind Abranimations. His wife helps him. If you have ever searched for a hard to find animation in Second Life™ you have probably come across Abranimations.

Check out Abranimations web site. If you like Jo Yardly’s 1920’s Berlin, then you must have Abranimations’ 1920’s Flapper Dances… or so I think. Abranimations also has a collection of Vintage Dances. They should work too.

Of course Abranimations is in the SL Market Place. Get your free Cross-eyed pose there. There are other free things in the Market Place store. A nice male animation set is there for L$95. Lots of odd toys that look fun. There is a collection of pole dances, lap dances

There is an in-world store too. There you can demo animations in-world. Visit a region named Animations.

Naturally there is a Facebook page… its required, right? And a Flickr page.

Drax does a great job of conveying excitement and fun in this video. This will be an amazing set of videos to show someone to tell them about Second Life. Give them the play list of Drax files.

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