Firestorm Problems 2013-18

Lette has a new page up with solutions for the top three problems Firestorm Support is seeing: Frequently Asked Firestorm Support Questions: May 1.

Hippo Hollow - Phoenix Area

Hippo Hollow – Phoenix Area

The three top problems are:

  1. Missing Inventory Items
  2. Textures Not Rezzing
  3. Black Rectangles in Pictures

Lette has provided the fixes the Firestorm Team has.

For missing inventory they recommend all the usual steps and some new ones.

They have found several causes for the textures failing to rez. They have a section in their wiki on fixes for that problem. One thing people needs to check is their connection. Don’t just check your general connection with Read through: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection. Some routers are the cause of the problem. They have info on that too.

Black squares in pictures is a bug: FIRE-9097, which you can see and add to. Linden JIRA items: BUG-1094 and MAINT-2150 are the corresponding ones. The BUG and MAINT section of the Linden JIRA are limited access, meaning most users cannot see them.

They have suggestions for work-arounds for the picture problems. But, there is no fix in the pipeline. The FS Team is busy. So, for now it is up to the Lindens or another TPV Dev to find a fix.

One thought on “Firestorm Problems 2013-18

  1. The black rectangles bug on screenshot is the direct result of the tiling fix for deferred mode. I warned about the fix several times when people got impatient on finally getting the fix, but nobody wanted to listen…

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