Firestorm 4.4.0 On the Way

Update: The viewer has been released as 4.4.0 (33720) today about 3 PM SLT or PDT. Download: Firestorm Major Update.

I’ve been hearing rumors that a new release of the Firestorm Viewer is imminent. Some expected it Sunday. Some are saying today. We will have to wait and see when it releases. I expect it soon, like today. But, that could be wishful thinking on several people’s part.

But, we do not have to wait to see what is in this release. As part of a release the development team builds release notes. The team tries to do things professionally and have everything ready for users, including the viewer’s release notes. It usually is not too hard to find those once one knows a release is imminent.

I found what looks to be the notes that will go with this release. You can find them here: Firestorm Release Notes 4.4.0 (33720) Server Side Appearance Capable Release. While I’ve added the highlights the release notes have the menu paths to some of the new features and occasionally the Debug Settings names you need to enable some of them.

  1. Fix for seams in high res snapshots when lighting and shadows is enabled – LL
  2. Better looking shadows at high altitudes – LL
  3. Estate access lists for groups and residents will now display when “Allow public access” is checked – LL
  4. Top scripts in estate tools now allows per-parcel filtering – LL
  5. Many translation fixes and improvements – LL
  6. Merge up to 3.4.5 codebase plus server side appearance support – Tankmaster Finesmith
  7. RLVa improvements and fixes – merge up to RLVa v1.4.8a – Kitty Barnett, Trinity Dejavu
  8. Translation updates and improvements – Ansariel Hiller (German), PanteraPolnocy (Polish)
  9. Many custom skin improvements – Hitomi Tiponi (Starlight and Starlight CUI), Ansariel Hiller (AnsaStorm)
  10. New “Creepy Pyri” Windlight sky setting by LDPW – World → Environment Editor → Environment Settings → Fixed Sky – Whirly Fizzle
  11. Chiclets are now optional!
  12. Added an option for incoming IM sound alerts on all messages received while the IM session is not in focus. – Wolf Loonie
  13. Notification toast default life changed from 9 to 60 seconds by request – PanteraPolnocy
  14. Many improvements to the Phoenix-style legacy search – Cinder Roxley
  15. Added the option to choose Search window behavior on teleport – Cinder Roxley
  16. Added an optional standalone agent location floater – Ansariel Hiller
  17. Legacy profile pick locations now allow copying and scrolling of text – Ansariel Hiller
  18. Added a copy SLURL option to the places overflow menu – World → Location Profile → Show additional options – Ansariel Hiller
  19. Added the ability to change the object deletion sound – Preferences → Sound & Media → UI Sounds 1 → Object Deletion – PanteraPolnocy
  20. Added a profile button to the mute/block list – Comm → Block List → Click on a blocked resident’s name → Profile button – Ansariel Hiller
  21. Blocklist now allows bulk removal of mutes – Ansariel Hiller
  22. Double clicking a residents name in block list now opens their profile – Ansariel Hiller
  23. GPU table updates – (This means the viewer will better handle graphics card identification and choose better default settings.) – Tankmaster Finesmith
  24. Standalone group profile improvements – Ansariel Hiller
  25. Bridge-assisted teleports are now more accurate – Ansariel Hiller
  26. Many MANY crash fixes 0 – Nicky Dasmijn, Ansariel Hiller
  27. No more crashing when editing attachments or rezzed objects while wearing mesh! – Nicky Dasmijn, Shyotl Kuhr and Linden Lab
  28. Performance no longer drops when mouse cursor is over the world view – Nicky Dasmijn

There are about 44 known issues that remain.

I think it is obvious a huge amount of work has gone into this release. So, while Server Side Appearance takes up one line in the list, it has taken considerable effort and manpower. If you are a Firestorm user, tell your FS Dev’s thanks when you see them.

4 thoughts on “Firestorm 4.4.0 On the Way

  1. And, if you are willing to take some chances and follow some rules, you too could be running on Firestorm 4.4.0 already. Simply join the Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group.
    I have been running it since Friday. It was updated once in response to a significant bug. Other than that it has, at least for me, run flawlessly.

    • Great to hear. Thanks.

      My understanding is the Preview group is only for those that really plan to help test the viewer.

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