SL Server Side Appearance

The feature formerly known as: Server Side Avatar Baking is moving forward. Nyx Linden tells us today that the Sunshine code is now in the Beta Viewer branch. That means we have a working viewer with the near final features. So, far the server side is only running on the Preview Grid, ADITI. Look for the region SunshineTest.

If you find a bug, report it ASAP. Otherwise the bug will likely make it into the main release viewer.

Nyx was asked how quickly this feature would roll out to the main grid. Nyx and Oz have both said it is a bit of an awkward rollout and may take some time.

Nyx also touched on the point that rollout depends on how quickly third party viewers can adopt the new code. The Lab has promised to give TPV’s the time they need, to a point, to get SSA working in their viewers.

I am guessing we may see it rollout this month and I certainly expect to see it by at least May.

This will mean that all old versions of viewers will stop rendering the texture on avatars; skin, and clothes. They will remain gray. So, if you haven’t changed to a newer viewer, it is certainly time to start thinking about it.

I am wondering how many people will post in the forum asking why their avatar and everyone else’s avatars stay gray?

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