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There is a Second Life Easter-April-Fools trick going around. Thank you to Outfits and a feature of the SL chat. Type this into chat: [secondlife:///app/wear_folder/?folder_id=bedd047e-a3d7-23e6-57bc-1ef367d848e7 HAPPY EASTER!]

Not Exactly an Easter Egg

Not Exactly an Easter Egg

Include the [ ] too. Then click the link that appears in chat. It takes a minute for things to happen. Don’t abuse the trick.

Change to another Outfit to get out of the Easter Rabbit.

Google Nose

In your browser, head over to Google Nose. This is a new feature of Google search that supposedly allows you to search for scents. It will also allow you to smell scents via your computer.


Twitter announced today that they will disallow the use of vowels in tweets.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic announced today they will be adding glass bottom airplanes to their fleet. 

The Guardian

Today The Guardian released a new augmented reality device glasses with an anti-bigotry feature.


A new inflatable tube-top computer has been released.

Procter & Gamble

P&G is releasing a new bacon flavored Scope mouthwash.


To celebrate the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby this summer, BMW has unveiled their limited edition P.R.A.M (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile).


I think it would be amazing to see how many people fall for any given prank. Our world is advancing so fast on the technical front I am sure many people have no idea what is or is not possible with technology.

8 thoughts on “Fun April Fools Stuff

  1. It would be wonderful if RLV let us wear and take off folders via key instead of via directory path. I wonder if they know about this?

    • Are you asking if the Lindens know about [ ] ? Yes. If you are asking about Kitty knowing, I’m not sure but I would guess yes.

  2. The Firestorm mobile viewer was a April fools joke, they have written about it on their blog.. lol

  3. Hello I put this rabbit thing in my picks and when I clicked it I changed into that rabbit, but when other people click it in my profile it doesn’t work. When I put my mouse on it I get a message saying, run this command. The way I found out about this before I searched it out was I clicked on a link in a woman’s profile picks and she told me about it so I copied the link in her profile and it worked and then stop like this one here is doing now. Is it fixed where it just works one time or something? I don’t get it. Thanks, norataylor

  4. Very possible, URL’s can cause you to equip a folder if you know the folder’s uuid, and everyone has the same library folders, and there’s a rabbit avie in there. 🙂

  5. Hello This joke loved me and did not like others. But in general, it is well, it just is not worth much to overdo it. However, I would like to know where you can find other UUID avatars?

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