Bannabread Demo

Everyone is looking forward to a browser being able to support 3D games and worlds like Second Life™. Mozilla and Unreal have worked together to get Unreal games running in a Mozilla browser. The demo that is out can be found on the Mozilla Developer Network site: BannaBread.

BannaBread's Area

BannaBread’s Arena

To see the demo you will need Firefox. Or a browser with: 

  • Browser that supports WebGL with compressed textures, fullscreen and pointer lock
  • Multiplayer requires WebRTC Data Channels with binary data support. This is present in Firefox (Nightly), but not yet in Chrome (open issue)

I tried the Arena game in Chrome’s Developer version. It worked fine the first time. I got 55 FPS in the low-rez version. But, could not start again and run in hi-rez. Switching over the current release of Firefox I opened the Arena in hi-rez and was getting 60 FPS. In some areas I was getting 30 FPS. In all cases I was running SL and FRAPS at the same time.

So, I’m impressed. You can read more about the game and how it was done on the site.

I don’t see Skyrim quality games running in a browser anytime so0n. This BannaBread demo feels very much like Wolfstein. But, this is a step forward.

Kadmon Wytchwood sent me the link to this interesting news, thanks.

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