Second Life Vehicle Crossings

If you build or use vehicles you know they have been having region crossing problems. According to reports in the SL Forum things are much better in Magnum regions.

Andrew Linden explains what they found and worked to fix, “The problem was caused by the new Interest List code which tries to not subscribe to objects that are outside of the camera view.  When crossing a region boundary your viewer would extrapolate your camera forward, the vehicle would be created behind the camera, and the server would not subscribe to it.  The faster the vehicle the more likely this would happen.

The solution was to special case Interest List subscription to whatever you’re sitting on — the server now ALWAYS subscribes to your seat.  We already had some special case code for seats, but it needed a little more.

Subscribe in this case means: the viewer tells the server which way you are looking, the server figures out what you can see, builds your interest list (a list of things you can see), and if something in that field of view (interest list) is moving or otherwise changing, you get a ‘subscription’ to that item’s update notices. If the item is not in your view, then no subscription.

When sitting on a vehicle it is mostly behind you, so it falls out of the Interest List. Andrew added special code to handle objects avatars sit on. Now whatever you sit on will ALWAYS be part of your Interest List.

If I understand what ’16’ (that is an avatar name) is saying, if one keeps on after seeing a vehicle crossing fail, things will recover. And 16 says things are better and fails only occur when you are going fast.

Others are saying things are WAY better.

So, try it out in the Magnum sandboxes. You have to be a member of the Beta Server group to use those sandboxes.

With any luck the fix will roll to the main channel next week.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Vehicle Crossings

  1. Gosh, I hope so. Kind of hard running an airline on the Grid if you can’t cross the sims. Even in helicopters, flying under 20m/s, it’s a crap shoot making it across.

  2. Define “fast”.
    Sailing has been rough and (most) sailboats are not fast (compared to a plane say).
    Ive been seeing some unusual sim xing fails where the boat flies or submarines off to EOW (not new) but if one waits (feels like a cpl of minutes but havent timed it) one suddenly pops back to where the failure occured more or less; the boat is fully responding. Only catch is the cam postion and angle are totally messsed up. I think this is a new behaviour.

    • This is a known problem that started 2 to 4 weeks ago with an Interest List update. The fix is currently running in the Magnum RC channel. Fix may be a bit strong but the ‘fix’ does greatly reduce the problem.

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