Firestorm Q&A

There is an announcement on the Firestorm blog about a coming Q&A meeting. See: Wednesday Question and Answer Meeting.  

Phoenix Firestorm Support Meeting Auditorium

Phoenix Firestorm Support Meeting Auditorium

The plan is to have Jessica Lyon moderating and developers available for questions. Everyone is welcome. However… the region will only hold 70 people. It is first come first served.

The meeting will be Wednesday February 13, 2013, at 1:00 PM SLT/PST (or 13:00 military time), which seems a bit ominous with all the 13’s. The location is in the region: Phoenix Firestorm Support.

The region is running the main channel server code. By the time we are there it will have the latst server maintenance package, which was running on Le Tigre. It is a crash fixes package.

This meeting is described as less formal than the more usual Phoenix Hour. They will make an attempt to record the meeting and make it available for those that cannot attend.

It’s purpose is to improve communications…

If you plan to attend, make sure you check your script weight and minimize it. I am sure they will have scripts disabled. I would require payment-information-on-file for admission to eliminate griefers, but I doubt they will go that far.

Also, I’ll suggest you NOT wear mesh. Or at least check that it is efficient mesh. You can do that by pressing Ctrl-Shift-R and checking the size of the polygons in the mesh object. They should be about the same size as or down to about 50% the size of the avatar’s polygons. Dense polygon clothes will slow viewers and load the server while they download to everyone that can see them.

Once the video is available I may provide an index… I have not decided. If this is a drama filled session or a repetition of old questions, I probably won’t. In which case I’ll just summarize the new information.


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