Singularity Viewer Release 1.7.0 Review

The Singularity viewer retains the V1 user interface while adding many of the new features found in the latest version 3 viewers.

The significant additions in this release is the feature allowing multiple items to worn on the same clothing layer. With that addition we also get a Current Outfit folder, something that will be needed for coming Shining: Avatar Bake changes.

The announcement page lists a number of improvements in this release of Singularity. See: 1.7.0 – Multi-Wear release!

There are two changes gamers will like. One is AIM Mode. This feature allows one to hold down the right-mouse-button and use the scroll wheel. Another is what I’ll call Sticky Crouch… umm… that sounds kinkier than I planned, one can hold down Shift and press C to crouch. The shift-key converts the command to a toggle turning couch on or off. So, one can crouch without having to hold the ‘C’ down.

Download Singularity Viewer

Download & Install

The developers recommend removing the previous install of Singularity. I did. My last install was 1.5 version.

There is also a warning for those of you using Norton Anti-Virus products. Norton is not going to like the file slplugin.exe, which is part of the install. You should probably disable Norton for the install and then white list or exclude the Singularity folder from virus checks.

The download is only about 24mb. Downloading is fast. The install is simple and quick. The viewer seems to remember your previous settings.


This will have to wait until I have more time.

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