Second Life Stable Viewer 3.3.3 (260300)

We got a new release of the SL Viewer from Linden Lab: 3.3.3 (260300). I’ve crashed it several times. So, I’m not very happy with it. I tried using the previous version at the crowded Mesh User Group. It crashed as soon as I took a picture. It also tended to ‘occasionally’ crash on exit. So, one is probably as well off with the newer one. It tends to crash on exit too.

Spell Check & Auto-Replace

This new version does not yet have Spell Check or Auto-Replace. It does have 78 different fixes. You can find the list of fixes here.

I don’t notice any control changes. But, I’m only making a quick look.

Beta Viewer

The Beta Viewer currently downloading is 3-3-3 (259953), which seems backward to me version-wise.  It has no changes I noticed. It also does not have Spell Check or Auto-Replace.

Development Viewer

The Development Version 3.3.5 (260521) does have Spell Check and Auto-Replace., which is way nice. The only way to know what is going on in this version is to read the repository notes, which is far too boring for me.

You can find the Spell Check and Auto-Replace options in Preferences -> Chat. See the image.

Spell Checker

We currently have a choice of an English (UK or US), Spanish, or Portuguese (Brazil). There is an import button so it will be possible to import other dictionaries. Spell Check is enabled by default.


Auto-Replace is disabled as the default. It looks easy enough to use.

You’ll notice the panel has Import and Export List buttons.  Plus a New List button.  The lists can be arranged in the order you choose.

The lower part of the panel has an editor so one can add and remove replacement pairs.

I don’t notice any other changes in the viewer controls.

You’ll find download links in the left column.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Stable Viewer 3.3.3 (260300)

  1. The full Viewer 3.3.3 is identical to the latest Beta Viewer – nothing of any note appeared in 3.3.3. Beta Viewer 3.3.4 has been prepared but awaits release.

    The latest 3.3.5 dev viewer also includes some experimental settings for texture loading and resolution.

  2. The texture thing is in the hardware panel.

    On my screen it turns SL into something akin to Minecraft, but with small boxes. Its like SL in 8-bit, but on a high resolution monitor.

    What it does is compress larger images before download. Large images like say… that 1024 map used for your skin texture… Oops.

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