#SL News Week 25

Remember the Cloudy, Blurry Avatar issue that Nyx Linden was working on? Nyx says they are making some progress. They have some work-around fixes for a subset of the issues that is running on Blue Steel. This would be the pre-rendered avatars in the inventory thing.

Nifty Avatars

There is a team working on a general fix for blurry avatars. But, Nyx says they are not far enough along to be ready to say anything about that. I suspect that means they are experimenting with a collection of fixes to see what works best and what side affects the fixes may have.

So, while we don’t know much, we do know the Lindens are working on it.

Road Bumps

Yuzuru Jewell is building a race track using mesh road sections. There is a problem with the joints creating a bump for the vehicles. It is rather disruptive. A fix is being looked for. Nyx’s long story conversion to a short story of the problem and fix gives: “…it’s a challenging issue to solve in the general case and we don’t have the perfect toolset for it just yet.

There are a few things Nyx says one can try to resolve the problem:

  1. Replace the terrain mesh with a convex decomposition. This is bad for performance, but might resolve the collision issues since you’ll be dealing with convex hulls rather than triangles.
  2. Plaster over the seams with prim boxes. No guarantees that this won’t make the problem worse, but I’ve seen it help before.
  3. Be sure the vehicle isn’t using mesh wheels (including concave prims like tori). If it is, there’s not much you can do.

Rez Fix Out

With Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and I think the next Pathfinding update all of the main grid will have the fix for SVC-7902 running. The problem fixed was the issue with not being able to rez on your own property. It was a frequent problem for Linden Home owners.

The Blake Sea War

Seems the residents playing in the Blake Sea have a war going. Seems the Naval War game people and the sailing people are at odds. The sailing people don’t like the huge aircraft carriers cruising the Blake Sea. So people are protesting with signs for free use of the sea and other protesting to ban the big ships.

This is one of those messes where people want someone, like the Lindens, to control things rather than taking the responsibility to figure out how to coexist.

Tuesday’s Roll Out

The coming Tuesday roll out will not change the server software. The restarts are needed to install updated Operating Systems on the region servers. Simon says they are crossing their fingers. The OS update looks good on the test servers, but OS updates do have surprises.

Things may get bumpy on Tuesday.


VWR-28068Estate access lists for groups and residents are blank when “Allow public access” is checked. Kelly Linden is working on this fix and making some changes in how things work.

Simon Linden says, “I’ve been doing a little work in the “Top Scripts” window — I’m working on adding the parcel name and script memory usage as two new columns.


SVC-4968Group won’t load – too many members. Baker Linden says, “The fix is in the sim code, but the viewer is still having problems displaying large groups. The problem was that the names would take a long time to get and send back, and cause stalling. The group info on the viewer was waiting for a ton of stuff, and since we’re choking the back-end, it can’t send information. I batched it up a bit better so hopefully it won’t choke the back-end anymore.

Auto-Replace and Spell Checking

We should see Auto-Replace and Spell Checking in the next release of the Beta viewer.

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