Singularity Viewer Update

The Singularity Viewer team has been quite and it has been some time since we saw a version release. Work is proceeding and we got a bit of information from Siana Gearz, the managing developer.

Well, the question when it’s coming is something we’re trying to figure out too. What can be said though is that we abandoned non-multiwearable branch recently and all work is being done for multiwearable release. Also we are reorganizing ourselves, i want the team to share the management duties and not just me alone cause my availability can be very mixed. Abandoning half of my life and all of my Second Life for Singularity was not a very awesome plan in the long run i suppose.

Reference SLUniverse: Singularity Viewer

It’s lots of work releasing a viewer. The time to a new release also depends the time developers have available to work on the project. Working on a viewer means one is not in Second Life. I can see it turning into work.

4 thoughts on “Singularity Viewer Update

  1. As a user of Singularity since it is about 30% faster than other viewers nice to hear of an update. Currently it seems I don’t render certain attachments on other avatars. I assume they are MESH? Possibly that’s why it’s faster? Of course the UI is much easier to navigate too.


    • Singularity is a good viewer for those wanting speed and with older computers. I recommend it to those having video problems.

      • I use it for Machinima when I can as it is also faster in Shadow Mode as well. Is that because it hasn’t been updated? Does the new UI of V2 and 3 slow down the viewer 30%? Not sure what the issue with attached Mesh is.


        • It is hard to know exactly what the render speed problem is. Using Fast timers (Ctrl-Shift-9) you can see where the viewer spends its time on your machine. I’ve heard and to some extent seen that the user interface drags the frame rates down. So, I suspect the difference is in how the Singularity code handles the UI. But, you would have to ask one of the team members to a ‘knowledgeable’ answer.

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