#SL Server News Week 20

We did not get a roll to the main channel this week. The Region Crossing Phase I package failed in Release Channel (RC) testing. Since it failed, no new roll. It was worked on and is now running on Le Tigre and Magnum.

Region Idling

I wrote a short piece on that a couple of days ago. See: #SL Region Idling. That code is now running on Blue Steel.

OS Updates

The Lab has been upgrading server operating systems (OS) to a newer Debian version. Week 19 we saw 3 days of intermittent service in the evenings as backend systems were upgraded. This week Tuesday’s typical restarts were used to upgrade simulator OS’s. I don’t have any information on whether all the simulators were upgraded or not.

Missing Info

RL has been busier this week. So, I’ve missed some meetings and the Lindens are lagging getting the transcripts posted. So, I won’t have any more news until they post or I hear something from this afternoon’s meeting.

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