Second Life Wearing All Inventory

Fixing It

To fix it: right-click your avatar and select My Appearance (SL Viewer). In My Outfits find the Outfit you are wearing. Click the folder and select Remove from Outfit or Take Off. This should correct the problem. It may take some time for all the objects to be removed, be patient.

Alternate fix: again in My Appearance -> My Outfits find the outfit you are wearing. Select everything in the folder and delete it. In My Appearance there are only LINKS. So, this is not deleting actual items. This can take time, be patient. Now relog.

The long fix for when the others fail:

  • Find a deserted area; Hippo Hollow, Pooley, or Furball. You need a place with no people and as empty of stuff as possible.
  • Now make a new Outfit folder. This can be trick, if you have only used Appearance to make outfits. Open Inventory using the suitcase icon in the main viewport. Find the special My Outfits folder and expand it. Right-click My Outfits and create a new folder named !!nude or whatever you like as long as it starts with !!. The double exclamation marks will hopefully force it to sort to the top of the folders list.
  • Add your shape, skin, and if you want pants and a top into the folder. Keep it to a minimum. DO NOT move any prims into the folder. No sculpty clothing. No mesh clothing. Keep it simple.
  • Now right-click the newly made outfit’s folder and click Replace Outfit. It has to be REPLACE. No other choice is going to work. This is going to take some time. Be patient.
  • Once the outfit change completes, relog. Use Last Location when you login to return to whichever deserted region you chose. If you do not have a choice of login locations when logging in, open Preferences (Ctrl-P) and in the General tab enable: Start Location – Show at Login.
  • Once logged in, make sure you are wearing only the things you added to the new outfit. If by some quirk of fate that does not work, repeat these steps in a different deserted region and allow more time after the outfit replace.

Avoiding It

I suppose if we paid close attention before clicking we might be able to avoid the problem.

The JIRA explains some things and we do know a few other things. First, there are some problems when one uses the same viewer cache for V1 and V3 viewers. So, having a V1 viewer like; Imprudence, Phoenix, or Singularity use the same cache as the V3’s like; Linden Lab’s SL Viewer, Firestorm, or Cool VL Viewer (these later viewers regardless of user interface use the new V3 code) is going to cause problems. Make sure each viewer uses its own cache. You will find the cache location controls in different viewers in different tabs within Preferences. In the V3’s it is typically in Advanced. In V1’s it is typically in Network.

When making separate caches, leave the default cache location to the SL Viewer. Give the TPV’s their own cache. Avoid mixing the Imprudence cache with the Singularity cache and so on. Give each viewer its own cache.

If you are changing outfits in different viewers, you are likely to have appearance problems. Try to always use the same viewer for clothes changes.

We know that viewers using the newer V3 code have the problem. That includes viewers with V1 user interfaces that use V3 code. That includes Phoenix and Cool VL viewers.

We know that it is a selection problem when ‘wearing’ folders. and we know that Calling Cards seem to trigger an Inventory selection change. While Calling Cards have there uses, those of you not using them for any thing may find deleting them helps performance and reduces the possibility of a selection error.

We also know the problem once encountered is server side. So, cache clearing and clean installs are no help. Once you have the problem you have the problem. Changing from viewer to viewer does not correct the problem and for some people just spreads the problem. If you have spread the problem to your other viewers, once you fix it in one, clear the cache of all other viewers before logging in, but this clearing may not be necessary. You’ll have to experiment.

6 thoughts on “Second Life Wearing All Inventory

  1. The Cool VL Viewer is *NOT* affected by this issue, because it does not use the flawed “Current Outfit” folder and links (you can even get rid altogether of the “Current Outfit” folder in the Cool VL Viewer).

    Instead, it uses a per-account/grid outfit.xml file containing the worn attachments and wearables UUIDs, and only those and since both types of items are capped: 38 for the attachments and 5 per layer for the wearables (1 for the body parts), there is no issue.

    However, wearing your whole inventory will tax the sim server when you do, possibly causing lag in the sim and probably getting a lot of “failure to rez” notices.

  2. OMG thank you so much Nalates for this saved my life , everytime i logged in i was wearing anything from houses to cars and fridges , was a major time drainer to remove them then as soon as i tried to dress they were all back !…THANK YOU , your a star

  3. Ok, in Firestorm, I fix it by going one by one and clicking the little X’s in Appearance>My Outfits, which was tedious.. then when I had nothing but my skins and so on, I went into my inventory and wore a folder with just my skin, eyes, shape, and hair base, went into options, cleared cache, and relogged.

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