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This article is about fixing a known problem in Second Life. The fix is simple enough. The cause is a bit odd. It has to do with ‘wearing’ and outfit folder and a selection problem, a sneaky gotcha.

Avatar wearing 90,000 Inventory Items' Rescue Operation Stopped for the Night - Image by Jon Diez Supat

The Firestorm-Phoenix wiki has a page on the problem: wearing_entire_inventory.

There is a JIRA filed. See VWR-28494 – Wearing Folder Occasionally Equips Entire Inventory! Adeon Writer filed the JIRA. He describes the problem this way:

This causes massive amounts of inventory links to be created for the “Current Outfit” folder, which lags the viewer, inevitably leading to a crash. When you get back, you’ll be wearing 40 random attachments (since they are capped) in your inventory, and pretty much every single clothing item (since they aren’t capped), and once you take them off, the next time you log in, you’ll be wearing the next 40 items in the queue.

Typically the problem does NOT originate in V1 viewers. It originates in V3 viewers starting with 3.2.8. We saw the problem in 2.x viewers for a time. Currently any viewers using V3 code are susceptible.

Latisha Pexie describes the problem she had last December: SL Forum Post.

Events leading up to this: I was in the store to pick out a new shape. At one point I was distracted and accidentally wore the FOLDER instead of the shape. So there I was in a busy store naked and feeling like a complete noob. That was fun. No problem. Outfit folders have made mistakes like this much quicker to fix than they used to be. I went to my outfits folder and picked one of my outfits and dragged it onto me. Nothing happened except a bakefail. So now I was a naked blur. Even better. I tried rebake to no avail but the last couple weeks I’ve had a number of times where dragging an outfit folder onto my avatar has taken ages to load. After several minutes I was a colorful blur and rebake was not solving my issues so I relogged. Generally, after a relog, my outfit will load and I can continue on with my virtual life.This time was special. Upon relog was when I discovered that my entire inventory was attempting to attach itself to my avatar.

At first I tried detaching objects. Every time I would detach an object a new one would appear. Best I could tell, whatever happened was maxing out my attach points and whenever I would detach an object a new one would appear. (Detach the boat and here comes a spaceship!) Eventually I gave up and just character tested. After character testing I repeated my attempt to drag an outfit folder onto my avatar. This time I was successful and continued shopping for shapes like nothing ever happened.

Adeon has found he could reproduce the problem using these steps:

  1. Search for a folder, one you want to equip.
  2. Right click the folder, but don’t move the mouse. Wait a few seconds. [When a Calling Card updates from a friend’s login or logoff is when you’ll likely get a the following highlight jump.]
  3. Occasionally, you will see the highlighting jump up a folder.
  4. If you don’t notice this change and continue to use the menu, to “replace outfit” you will then wear everything that is highlighted.

So, that is likely how one gets into the mess, not noticing the selection changed before clicking wear.

6 thoughts on “Second Life Wearing All Inventory

  1. The Cool VL Viewer is *NOT* affected by this issue, because it does not use the flawed “Current Outfit” folder and links (you can even get rid altogether of the “Current Outfit” folder in the Cool VL Viewer).

    Instead, it uses a per-account/grid outfit.xml file containing the worn attachments and wearables UUIDs, and only those and since both types of items are capped: 38 for the attachments and 5 per layer for the wearables (1 for the body parts), there is no issue.

    However, wearing your whole inventory will tax the sim server when you do, possibly causing lag in the sim and probably getting a lot of “failure to rez” notices.

  2. OMG thank you so much Nalates for this saved my life , everytime i logged in i was wearing anything from houses to cars and fridges , was a major time drainer to remove them then as soon as i tried to dress they were all back !…THANK YOU , your a star

  3. Ok, in Firestorm, I fix it by going one by one and clicking the little X’s in Appearance>My Outfits, which was tedious.. then when I had nothing but my skins and so on, I went into my inventory and wore a folder with just my skin, eyes, shape, and hair base, went into options, cleared cache, and relogged.

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