ADITI Inventory Loss

I ran into this problem in early March. It seems my idea to change my password to flush and refresh my inventory in the ADITI grid was not such a good idea. It seems others use the same idea and change their password too. Or some may do it for security reasons. I suspect those of us playing and working in ADITI are more concerned about our inventory.

Several Problems

No Save Inventory – This is an annoying problem. When a password is changed one’s inventory is copied over to ADITI. Any inventory one had in ADITI previously is REPLACED. This is an expected behavor. It can be used to clean out the tons of test stuff one generate playing and experimenting in ADITI.

The new problem is anything created and saved to inventory will be gone the next time you login. Build something, save it to inventory, relog, and it is gone.

Stuck Appearance – Less of a problem but still annoying. When I changed my password I had been playing in NoR and had weapons attached. Every time I log into ADITI now I have the weapons attached. Weapons have a load of scripts in them. I prefer not to have them on when playing in ADITI. They are just something else to cause problems.

No Rez Items – A number of items I want to work with in ADITI are in my inventory from AGNI. I can see them in my ADITI copy of the inventory. But, I cannot rez those items in ADITI.


Some have resolved the problem by clearing their cache. That has not worked for me.


We have been trying to get the Lindens to fix the problem. It seems they cannot reproduce the problem, which makes it difficult.

Vivienne Daguerre filed JIRA SVC-7727 – SL Aditi grid problem. After changing my password to cause my inventory on Aditi to update, my inventory no longer saves changes made to it from session to session. More and more people are running into the problem.

Please stop by the JIRA and click WATCH. Also, pass the word. You may save others having to deal with the problem.


If you do not have a pressing reason to change your password and work in ADITI, do not change your password. If you must, wait at least 48 hours before logging into ADITI. I can’t swear the wait will help… but rumor suggests it will. It hasn’t helped me, but I plan to retry.

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