Kokua Viewer 3.3.1 Review

No the Kokua viewer is not out… but there is an ALPHA or experimental version one can download. The viewer works. It is incomplete. So, don’t plan to start using it as your daily replacement for Imprudence. Keep your Imprudence Viewer.

Kokua 3.3.1 Experimental Viewer

For now it pretty much looks like the Linden Lab Viewer 3.3.2. A quick look through it finds few differences. But, there are a few.


The build panel has Build Math. I didn’t see the triplet copy feature (the ability to copy all 3 position values).

I didn’t see the prim alignment tool.

There is a mesh uploader. I didn’t play with it enough to tell if it has a convex hull generator, I doubt it. The generator is the part you need only if you want the viewer to create the physics shape.

User Interface

This version is using the Flexible User Interface (FUI).

There are no controls for changing the skin, or I missed them.

There are no Kokua settings, yet.

Everything is pretty much SL Viewer 3.3.0 to 3.3.2 like.


Speed is about the same as the SLV, 8 to 15 FPS with Sun/Moon shadows on.


The best thing about this viewer is the memory leaks seem smaller. The memory use climbs to around 600mb then stops. At least it did for me. Once I take a picture it starts to climb again. So, there are some leaks, but they seem less bothersome than in the LL viewer and some other TPV’s.

Also, this version allows one to select which grid to log into. However, only the SL grids are included. There is no grid manager, yet.


The viewer is making progress. It is incomplete and they do label it experimental.

2 thoughts on “Kokua Viewer 3.3.1 Review

  1. “Speed is about the same as the SLV, 8 to 15 FPS with Sun/Moon shadows on.”

    Before to post random numbers, write your specs and exact viewer’s version.
    “Shadows enabled” is not a comparison value for a benchmark.
    One could enable them keeping a very low draw distance, low antialiasing and anysotropic filtering and other sliders, and these surely affect the final framerate.

    I get -in 5 minutes of benchmarking- an average of 48 fps on Ultra Settings with any possible slider at maximum in the Graphic tab (and hardware settings sub-menu) on the ‘SLV’ 3.3.4.
    Just to give you an example of what could be an helpful technical review.

    I talk by experience. I tried them all. Expecially if you do business, trash any TPVs. Don’t waste your time trusting in hobbyists.

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