#SL ADITI Login Inventory Problem

If you use the ADITI Preview Grid for testing things you make or the new features coming to Second Life, be warned.

A few of us have recently updated our password, which forces an update of our inventory as it exists in AGNI, the main grid, to overwrite our inventory in ADITI. In many ways for me it is cleanup process for all the stuff I play with in ADITI.

This weekend I changed my password and my ADITI inventory updated. I suddenly could not rez anything from my inventory to the Path Test regions in ADITI. I made the things I needed from scratch and wrote my scripts for testing Pathfinding. When I was ready to log out I saved those things to inventory.

When I returned several hours later and logged in, all the things I made were missing from my ADITI inventory. I’ve been through this a couple of times now. I am so glad I use LSLEditor for writing scripts.

At the user group meetings I found out others are having the problem too. So, my advice is to avoid changing your password until the problem is resolved.

If you have already run into the problem, see JIRA item: SVC-7727. Please click Watch and add any additional information you may have. Remember. The JIRA is not for discussion. Also, ‘me too’ posts do not help if they do not add new information. For ‘me too’ just click watch.

3 thoughts on “#SL ADITI Login Inventory Problem

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    • I’ve heard waiting 48 hours after changing the password before logging in avoids the problem too. Right, who likes to wait?

      Most of my problems were gone when I logged in today.

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