#SL Server-Scripting News Week 8

None of the packages running in the release channels passed testing, so no packages were rolled to the main grid today. Also, in an oversight, blending the main trunk and release channels last week was missed. So, we will probably see the same packages running on the release channels with a few more fixes and blending with the main trunk running on the release channels next.

However, selected regions were restarted Tuesday. There are some problem regions that get a weekly restart whether there is a roll out or not. We will see the release channels restarting tomorrow as new software is rolled to them.

Map Tiles

Apparently there is a problem with some regions not generating Map Tiles for the World Map. SVC-7629 – Map tile generator not working.

llGetParcelMaxPrims(llGetPos(), TRUE)

There was some discussion about the fix for this function, SCR-121Entire sim (65,536sq.m.) owned by group, llGetParcelMaxPrims(llGetPos(), TRUE) Returning odd number. It still returns the parcel prim count times the region multiplier, but caps at 15,000 (or less if a Homestead/void). TehKellz says, ‘which is the behavior it had for any non-entire-region parcel.’

Andrew Linden said, “It occurs to me that the multiplier might be exposable via llGetEnv().But, as far as I know neither of those numbers [actual max prims or the multiplier] are currently available via LSL. I’ll look into exposing the multiplier via llGetEnv() since that should be pretty easy to do.”


The question, ‘Is it supposed to be possible to teleport in ten meters from the border at any border, not just the adjacent?’ came up in regard to llSetRegionPos(). It was pointed out this is not a tp but a move.

It seems there is a problem if a ‘mover’ with multiple people crosses the region boundary using llSetRegionPos(). There also seems to be a problem is one sets the distance at 266m or more. The current behavior may move the objects across a couple of regions. It’s being looked at.


Currently pathfinding is intended for ground based use. Birds and fish are not included. The question keeps coming up about whether air and water based use will be added. (PATHBUG-14) Finding a path for a flying object is called volumetric pathfinding. Andrew Linden thinks they will be able to add it. But, they are not working on it for the current release. Falcon Linden says it is “not too hard, but would come with some limitations.”

Pathfinding for particles is not in the plan. Lindens are currently only working on ground-based AI characters.

Pathfinding does not work with vehicles. It is possible to make vehicle like things and have them use pathfinding for navigation. But, when doing so one has to give up the vehicle qualities, meaning you cannot steer them.

Pathfinding JIRA Items

There is now a Pathfinding Project in the SL JIRA. See: PATHBUG. There are about 26 items filed. A couple are items in the wrong category.

There apparently isn’t much testing going on. The feature is new and only on ADITI. Also the additional viewer tools have not been put out where we can get to them, AFAIK.

More testers are needed.

Navmesh Editing

The Lindens are considering adding navmesh editing tools to the viewer. For the initial release, that is not going to happen. It seems it is classed as a someday item. The navmesh is shown in the sneek preview video. The Lindens want to get something useable out soon and a navmesh editor would delay release.


There is a desire of many residents to be able to change particles so they do not come through buildings, a keep the rain outside idea. That will have to be taken up with the viewer team as particles are a client side thing.

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