#SL Server/Scripting News Week 7

The Lab has had some challenges with recent update packages for the servers. However, the main grid did get an update this week. We also got two new packages on the  release channels.

Main Channel

The information on the recent roll to the main grid is summarized here: Deploys for the week of 2012-02-13. The is the package with the improved list handling. The upgrade has better code for starting and stopping regions. Better memory usage code has been added. The Course Location for mini-maps has been fixed. There is a fix for  llGetParcelMaxPrims(llGetPos(), TRUE) so it now should be reporting the correct numbers. There is a fix for SVC-7443 Telehubs.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre

These channels are running the package with voice fixes. We should see some better stability in the voice system.

There is a fix that stops the transfer of unnecessary data during a region crossing. This should improve crossing stability.


This channel gets a maintenance package called the “Threaded Region Crossing” project that contains the Phase I region crossing changes. It is building in thread processing for region crossings. While we will probably not see immediate improvements this paves the way for future changes.

This is the package that caused avatars to ghost. The Linden’s think they have that fixed.


These are packages that have been bouncing in and out of tests for a few weeks. So, there is not much news or excitement.

It is great that the List Processing improvements have made it to the main grid. I am guessing that the coming Pathfinding features will make good use of these improved list functions. Their being promoted may be why we are not seeing information in the wiki on Pathfinding.

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