#SL Mesh Statistics

At the last Content/Mesh User Group Charlar Linden provided some interesting statistics on mesh in Second Life.


55% of users logging in are running mesh capable viewers. This number is probably mostly the pre-Phoenix mesh release stat. Talking with Jessica, of the Firestorm-Phoenix team, she believes the change to the newest Phoenix viewer will up that percentage to 80%

Mesh Sales

In the past week the sale of mesh objects has doubled (Gross Revenue).


18% of the regions in Second Life now have mesh objects rezzed in them.

Summing It Up

Mesh is interesting. Learning how to make it is a pain. But the results are awesome. As time passes more people will learn how to bake textures as they make the mesh object. So, I expect the visual 3D quality of SL to improve. Shadows will be baked into to objects that cannot cast complex shadows.

Clothes sales are probably diminished because if fit problems. The deformer project is hard to track. That work is happening between Qarl and the Lab. Neither are very talkative. But, once complete and adopted, it should boost sales even more.

There is no doubt the V1 viewers are reaching the end of their life time. Also, we will soon be seeing more and more mesh objects. The mesh blobs seen by V1 users will start to annoy them. We have already seen some whining and people commenting that people should not wear mesh as it spoils their experience. Lots of self centered entitlement mentality out there.

I’m told my mesh hair, which I love, looks like a couple of donuts on my head. I guess that explains why the Homer looking guy is chasing me.

Mesh is coming!


2 thoughts on “#SL Mesh Statistics

  1. Mesh is not coming. Mesh is here!

    Now that Phoenix and some other Viewer 1 type viewers are mesh capable, there is no reason to hold back on the mesh. Even though I am a mesh creator, I had not put out a lot of mesh on my sims out of consideration for sim residents who may not be able to see it. I will hold back no longer.

    I have also started to wear mesh clothing and mesh hair. I have had an IM or two asking me what the funny blob is on my head. I tell them it is mesh hair. I think they probably knew that, but wanted to give me a hint that I should not be wearing it if they could not see it. Now if people cannot see mesh, it is because they choose not to see it. That does not mean that I should not choose to use or wear it.

    There seems to be some idea out there that mesh will cause lag on a viewer. Most mesh will be more efficient and should cause less lag.

    Bring on the mesh!

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