LSLEditor Updated

For those using the LSL Editor it’s time to update.

This update adds lots of constants and a function or two. This brings it much closer to the current LSL (Linden Scripting Language) state.

If you don’t know about the LSLEditor, it is a third party offline editor and debugger for SL scripts. It is  open source.

I haven’t looked lately, but Phoenix was interfaced with the LSLeditor. I assume the Firestorm Viewer is too. So, it is much easier to round trip code.

You can create multi-script projects and debug them in the LSLEditor. The program is not perfect and it has some bugs. So, it is not a perfect simulation of Second Life LSL/Mono. But, close enough to be very useful.

Download LSLEditor – Or open you installed version and it should automatically update.

3 thoughts on “LSLEditor Updated

  1. thanks for reminding!
    this new version of LSLeditor brings many of the long awaited, bright cool stuff (*hmm, me should really starting to thinking out an even brighter ice hot project for this new functions*)

    Dil 🙂

    in the meanwhile the release-notes:
    Version: 2.43.1
    Date: 2011-12-12

    * Added 78 constants to syntax checking/highlighting.
    [Nal’s edit…snip… you can get the list from this link …]

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