#SL Adult Content News Week 51

Not much excitement in the ACUG… The forum is becoming interesting. A few discussions going on there. A few topics came into the ACUG meeting.

Visitor Hub Counts

There is a grid wide problem of visitor counts not working. This is true in Adult Hub areas too. You can see this in that the Destination Guide will show zero people there and the map will show people in the region.

I thought it funny...

Destination Kiosk

An idea has been presented to have an in-world kiosk that uses a feed from the Destination Guide. The idea is considered important because Third Party Viewers may not have the Destination Guide. So, some form of in-world guide would be helpful. Presumably these kiosks could be placed in hubs.

Some Linden help is needed to get a feed that displays only Adult Destinations for the kiosks. Ideally it would be possible to select categories like sailing or shopping. Non-media viewers would open the Destination Guide as a web page.

For this to work some help is needed to Linden Lab.


This week there was discussion about what additional sections to add to the Adult Section of the forum. If you think there needs to be additional sections in the forum, propose your section in: PROPOSAL: GFAC 2012: Groups For Adult Communities.

Currently the sections are;

Welcome – 4% of posts.
Highlight Upcoming Events – 4% of posts
General Discussion – 90% of posts
Adult Content Feedback – 2% of posts.

A standard was put forth for naming threads. See the GFAC link above. I think the consensus in the group is it’s not going to be workable. New posters won’t know about the standard, so they won’t be able to conform. Enforcing the standard would be lots of work for the moderators. Moving posts and renaming them would be confusing to all.

If people feel additional Adult Forum Sections should be added to provide more organization to the Adult section that is a possibility. If you think a section is needed, as I wrote above, join the discussion on the forum.

Increased Participation

The idea to get more people participating in ACUG via the forum has been considered. Then the idea came up that one does not want to pull people from SL to participate in the forum. I’m not sure why that is an issue but some think it is. Participation is participation. I doubt forum participation is going to empty out SL.

Escorts in the Forum

Now this is an interesting twist. Consider if a jobs or employees wanted section were added to the forum. Would one allow club owners to advertise for escorts in the forum?

Carry that to a further extreme. Would escorts be allowed to advertise their services in the forum?

Just where does one draw the line?

Age Verified Detect

I was approached by an adult region manager asking if I could provide a script to detect if an avatar is verified or not. If not, they want to take some actions.

Their scenario is having 13 regions of which 12 are adult and 1 is moderate. They use the moderate region as the Destination Guide entry for their role play game, which seems smart. Avoid having them fail to arrive before even knowing what they are missing and possibly never returning.

Once the visitor arrives the owners want to anticipate a visitor having a problem before the visitor spends money buying a meter and then runs into a need to age verify to get into the rest of the game area… which will understandably upset some players and give a bad impression.

While the viewer handles the age verify pretty well, it still comes as an aggravating obstacle after spending money for something that can’t be used without further effort. They would like to get things in the right order and avoid that negative experience for their visitors.

An LSL function like llDetectAdult() or llIsAdult() would allow scripters to make devices to handle special actions ahead of the user hitting a block. Or add a parameter for adult verification in llRequestAgentData().  See JIRA item: SVC-4858. Please visit and click WATCH.

Summing It Up

Who would have thought it’s this hard to get lucky…

2 thoughts on “#SL Adult Content News Week 51

  1. Actually, Nal, the GFAC thread is abt a specific event abt SL groups and is probably not the link you meant to include there. (though GFAC is a hot topic LL has chosen to ignore in its meetings…I wonder why)

    There are otyher links in the forum abt the topics you mentioned (categories, thread naming)….though THOSE topics were totally skimmed over in the meeting as if they barely existed. I dont think they even understood the concept of the thread naming (you dotn need ot ENFORCE something like that….just lead by inspirational example)…anyway……the meetings of ACUG seem beyond pointless to me now.

    PS – I find it amusing that our LL rep has bene (for a long time) trying to ‘push us into the forums’; instead of inworld meetings, and now that I discuss ways to make those forums more useful, those ideas ae shot down because they claim they don’t want to take people out of Sl. The only consistency I see here is EVERYTHING getting watered down.

  2. I am both amused and depressed, but not surprised to see record low attendance at ACUG now, along with a new suggestion by LL to reduce the meetings to monthly ones. Anyone who doesnt think LL has killed ACUG is living in Da Nile (river in Egypt). Well, they get what they ask for.

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