#SL Scripting News Week 50

Kelly Linden thinks tomorrow (Tuesday) the Le Tigre update will roll the main channel. Chances are good it will work this time. It contains a large number of fixes and some improvements.

Once it rolls to the main channel there will probably be no further upgrades until next year. After this week Second Life enters a no change window and a number of Lindens take holiday.


Havok and script functions are being looked at to improve movement in SL. In the wiki is a function… well more of a subroutine… warppos() that handles movement over more than 10m. Some consideration is being given to making the function a built-in function, may be llWarpPos(). No promises.

The current thinking is it should only work within a region. Some think that is a deal breaker. On the technical side of the problem is sorting out the parcel permissions in the next region before allowing the object to move there.

9 Years

For Kelly Linden 12/11 was his ninth rez=day. Congratulations! It’s totally amazing the residents haven’t driven him crazy… but then… never mind.

If you are interested in some of the SL history, check the meeting minutes starting at 9:25.

Script Load/Save

A new feature is working its way through QA. This one allows you to load scripts from your computer and save scripts to your computer. It sounds pretty neat. I’m unclear why it is desired, but it seems to be. I use copy paste to move back and forth between SL or OpenSim and my computer.

Lists in Mono

In the LSL scripts when a list needed to be changed it was essentially replaced with a new list and the old list discarded. Mono has optimizations to handle lists better and improve performance.

The memory profiler only shows memory being used… assigned to the script. Memory hanging around for garbage collection is not counted against the script.

Kelly says, “The lists are ArrayList objects in mono, or singly linked lists in LSO – however any time the list has to pass into a C++ function (one that hasn’t been converted to be entirely in mono or one that can’t be like llSetPrimitiveParams) it gets converted.”

Most ll*List functions duplicate the list.

While many want more memory to work with the Lindens say the hardware is not going to support that. So, the Lab is working toward providing ways for users and land owners to control how the memory we have is used.

7 thoughts on “#SL Scripting News Week 50

  1. Can you provide a link to the meeting minutes? Navigating from the user groups page only gives me a link which ends in mesh/content group transcripts.

    • The transcripts are the minutes. I know that’s not what formal meeting minutes look like, but its as close as we are going to get in SL UG’s.

      I summarize the parts of the meeting that interest me and I think will be interesting to readers. I publish that as Scripting News. You can click the menu item Stuff and find the collection of articles in a subject. While it is easier reading, my articles skip the meeting humor and some of the subjects discussed. I think I provide all the substantive material.

      • Seems a little misunderstanding, you refer to meeting minutes at 9:25, but how to do that if there is no transcript. I was kinda hoping you have a link for those transcripts, bec otherwise for example, how to check what they said at 9:25?
        I know you summarize and thats all ok, no problem with that, but sometimes I like to read the raw material (with humor) and i had the hope you may have a link to this transcripts or know someone which post them, bec at the official place is something completely wrong.

        • https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation,_Mesh_Import,_Scripting_User_Group/Archive

          These are the minutes/transcripts of the Scripting group.

          • I found that place already (see 1st comment), but there are only transcripts of mesh UG, thats what I meant by “wrong”.

            • Wow! You are right. Kelly has the links wrong. I looked through the transcripts and Kelly does not have his transcripts mixed into that archive. I’ll try to remember to ask him where they are.

          • Yep… maybe you can drop me your transcript (need only the lower part with list functions) via email (or NC), thanks in advance.

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