#SL Phoenix Viewer Problems

Users have found some problems in the recent Phoenix release. Three errors were considered critical and quickly fixed. The result is a Phoenix release.

Visit the Phoenix Viewer Download page and get a new copy.

This release fixes:

  • Opening of scripts while LSL Preprocessor enabled causes crash to desktop. PHOE-3593
  • Scripted dialogs from deeded objects fail. PHOE-3600
  • Right click > wear from inventory is broken. PHOE-3583

7 thoughts on “#SL Phoenix Viewer Problems

  1. I have been on Pheniox for 4 or 5 days. It worked really good, however when I try to sign in now and Pheniox initializes and goes to the internet, my computer goes into “safe mode”. I can talk to other people and they can talk to me but everythings distored. It does this every time I try to get in. Can you give me some idea why it’s doing this and if possible to fix this? Thanks Jim

    • I can’t… I would only be speculating. Visit the Phoenix Wiki and ask in-world in the FS-PH Support Group.

  2. the new version isgreat on ground but when ever im in the air like my skybox is1000ft off of the ground when Im there On certin angles Theres a Black side in the sky and it like glitches in and out it dosnt bug me since i dont crash from it but it is an eye sore.

    • It has some bugs. I expect to see another release fairly soon.

      I encourage you to try Firestorm in Phoenix mode for 3 days. That gets you over the initial ‘difference’ shock. It will be worth the effort.

  3. I have the new release of phoenix but there is an issue with the voice chat, everything says it’s enabled but, it just doesn’t want to work

  4. I am using the new Phoenix upgrade. Ever since I installed it. It crashes constantly. I am using Mac OS-X 10.6.8. I love SL and really want a fix for the issue. Help please

    • Contact the Firestorm Phoenix Support group in-world or look through the FS/PH Wiki. They have Phoenix specific information.

      Try Firestorm. It now has a Phoenix mode you can select at login. It makes Firestorm’s user interface very Phoenix like.

      Phoenix has a short future. It is going to fall farther and farther behind as SL advances. Sooner or later you will have to change over.

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