Firestorm Viewer Released

The Firestorm-Phoenix team has released a production version of the Firestorm Viewer.

Download Firestorm

Linden Lab has been making a number of changes to viewer graphics. Many of them have made it into this release. But, the team decided to make another release ( without all the new fixes. So, if you have problems with FS 3.2.2 download and try FS 3.2.1.

Download Firestorm

I’ll be trying the viewer Monday. Once I’ve had some time to play with it I’ll write a review.





2 thoughts on “Firestorm Viewer Released

  1. I tryed to download the new firestorm, but my internet explorer said it could not find the link or it was temporarily out of service or so it said. Can you send me the proper link to be able to download the firestorm update. And silk miss in this you do

    • Try this:

      They just changed the site. So, I suspect all my old links are broken.

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