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Every so often some interesting things appear in the Second Life Wiki. This weekend Second Life resident Allen Kerensky created new pages in the Wiki for an RPG gaming system. They are about the Myriad RPG System, which was designed, written and illustrated by Ashok Desai Myriad. The system is published under the Creative Commons License (Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales).

The pages include the scripts and explain how to use the scripts provided. The FAQ reveal the game system is incomplete. They also say the scripts have been tested in Second Life and OpenSim. There is a book authored by Myriad that explains even more.

This looks like a good example of how to start writing a gaming system. The list of the individual scripts includes ranged weapons and melee weapons. If you are interested in creating weapons, armor, other parts of gaming systems, or a full system this could be a good starting place.

See: User:Allen Kerensky/Myriad Lite Preview 3

You can contact Allen Kerensky in both SL and OSGrid. Read the FAQ’s first.

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  1. If you are working on deciphering my scrawled scripts and have questions, let me know. Best to drop requests in a notecard as well so I can add them to the backlog… Thanks for the mention! Hat tip to Artemis Tesla for sending me the link to this =)

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