Second Life Viewer 2.5.1 (222867) Update

I haven’t been writing much about the SL Viewer. Most of the work is on boring techie stuff. Things that have to be done and make the viewer work better, but they are difficult to explain. A couple of things stand out that are somewhat interesting.

Version Numbers

You may or may not have noticed that the Development viewer version numbering changed. We were up to 2.7.0-222124 (dated: 2/26/11) and today we are on 2.5.1-222867 (3/7/11). This could be confusing for some when reading JIRA’s about bugs found in the Development viewer.

Media Filters

If you have heard of the RedZone scandal, then you understand why one would want a media filter. The SLV2 viewer does not have such filters. So, the RedZone people could use a media request to get the viewer to talk to their servers. The viewer would talk to any media server. That gave the request receiver information about the viewer and user, which, I think, was then… I’ll say, ‘misused’.

New versions of TPV’s are including a media filter that was apparently used with Snowglobe, the predecessor to Snowstorm, a version 1.5 viewer.

Media filters are being considered for SLV2. See JIRA: OPEN-28

Stand Alone Compilation

Lots of work has been going into fixing the files that allow anyone to make their own viewer. Most of this is to get things to where newer compilers can be used to make 64-bit version viewers. They are supposed to be faster and work better with new computers.

Viewer Evolution Group

There is a new group for review of proposals for viewer changes. This group is open to all residents that would work with the Lab to improve the viewer. See: Viewer Evolution User Group.

Community Tools User Group

This is a somewhat related group that deals with the Second Life Wiki, Knowledge Base, Blogs, Forums, and SL Answers. Community Tools User Group.


The big problem I’m having with the 2.5.+ versions is they crash and lock up my computer, requiring a hard reset to reboot.

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