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While I suspect most of the readers of this blog have interests more Second Life and OpenSim oriented, there are a number of us interested in what makes any computer game popular. In some ways that translates to what may make SL popular. Also, some SL/OS residents are interested in what can make their inside-SL-games popular. Here are some sources of information for those with such interests.

Game Design

Game Design - Image by: amsfrank @ Flickr

ArchVirtual is a blog for architects and others working in civil design areas with an interest in using virtual worlds to enhance their design work. The site just posted an article containing a number of resources in their article: Getting to Know the Game Industry: Resources to Help You Get Your Game On.

Game Theory

Game Theory Onlineis about the things that affect game design. One of the articles, Interactive Fiction: Video Game Storytelling, covers the challenge of having a story told and growing within a game.

Startled Cat – This blog is specificall6y about interactive story within a game.

Game Informer – Is a blog about new games and some analysis of what the designers are doing. The latest videos from various games can be found there. There is some amazing air-combat videos in: Namco Releases Barrage Of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Media – run them full screen.

Indie Games – is a blog that is a facet of a company’s various other blogs about games and game development. This blog focuses more on DIY games (Do It Yourself).

DIY Gamer – this blog is obviously about DIY games.

Concepts of Alex – here  you will find information on Alex’s work and links to tutorial he has made for designing fantasy landscapes and creatures.

The Bottom Feeder – is Jeff Vogal’s mix of opinions on and descriptions of game design. Jeff is a game designer actively creating games.

Gamasutra – I think most gamers have looked at this site. It carries interviews with game designers revealing their insights into game design. An example: A Philosophy That Extends Eastward: Social Games Zynga-Style.

Game Career Guide – is pretty much what the name suggests. The site has numerous links to articles on game design and becoming employed in the field. The site has tutorials and articles by game designers and game analysis. Example tutorial: How to Get Started with Unity 3D.

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