Firestorm Viewer Preview

You can see a YouTube video that previews the coming Firestorm Viewer. If you don’t know, Firestorm is the next generation Phoenix Viewer based on series 2 code. The video shows how to work with the new Firestorm Viewer user interface. The video lasts 15 minutes.

In world there is a Phoenix-Firestorm Group. JOIN

The Firestorm Viewer Release Notes.

The Firestorm Viewer Wiki.

To get the viewer, join the group and check the announcements. Also, understand this is a PREVIEW version. Sort of a release candidate for a beta version. The Phoenix team is not supporting  this viewer. If you need help, join the in-world group or visit the Phoenix-Firestorm Viewer Forum.

This viewer appears to be based on the Snowstorm version 2.4.1 code. I’m not a fan of the 2.4 iteration of the SLV’s. So, I’ll wait until a future version comes out.

The Preview Viewer appears to have a nice user interface (UI). It seems to be enough like the SLV2 UI that new residents will be able learn it easily. It also avoids the problems long time residents have with the SLV2 UI. This looks to be a really nice user interface.

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