Second Life Viewer 2.3.0 Released

Today Linden Lab’s Jack Linden posted the new standard viewer is now version 2.3.0-214726. Logging on I find it is not yet mandatory for 2.2.0 users. Those using 1.23 and TPV’s will be able to continue using those viewers. However, because Display Names are part of this release how one uses the 3 input fields in older viewers is now an issue.


The download is really fast. The file is still 24mb and my connection has not changed, according to my speed tests, so the Lindens have done something different.

Many people are having a problem getting this version to run. To make sure it works, uninstall all your SL Viewers, Beta, Development, Projects, and previous SLV2 version. I don’t plan to ever use the 1.23 again so I removed it too. Manually remove all the SL Viewer related folders (local, roaming, and program files). Install 2.3.0 and then reinstall the Beta or any other SL Viewers you use and it should work.

Running the downloaded file does a quick install. Nothing complicated. Plus this is the viewer you can allow to use all the default settings for cache and user settings locations.

Plus it remembers your settings from the 2.2.0 viewer.
The first change I noticed is the information about concurrent users is gone. I guess they are not so proud of that information now.

Several of the changes discussed in the Snowstorm update are not yet in this viewer. Several are. Nothing overly exciting.

Performance is good. I was getting 40 to 50 FPS (Duel Core2 8800 gts) in shopping malls. I suspect a memory leak. I started at 40 to 54% memory use and began to slow down at 70+% usage. A relog corrected it. So, a couple of hours between relogs may be the limit on this viewer.

However, on relogging the viewer was erratic. I started getting 0.5 to 2.5 FPS and the screen going black. Clearing the cache and reclogging cleared the problem up.
Login Changes
Display Names are in use on the main grid now.

Those using older viewers with the 3 login fields need to read If your Viewer has separate First Name and Surnam.

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