Second Life Updates 2010-10-12

Server Release Candidates

Things are happening. I’ve covered most of them in other posts. This one is a general update.

Once again there is no server update to roll to the grid. The Release Candidates in testing in Blue Steel and Le Tigre did not survive 6 days of testing. The fixes in the RC have been ‘fixed’ and new fixes added and rolled out to Blue Steel regions. The TMalloc build is being fixed and returned to Le Tigre for more testing. 

The third testing channel, Magnum, is coming on line this week. The regions in this channel will be islands. On the 13th 1,500 regions will be added to the channel. Another 1,500 regions will be added on the 14th. A region owner can request inclusion or exclusion from the testing channel. To make such a request the region owner must contact Lil Linden.

The failures in the server software have to do with general sales/buying and land sales. There were also some problems teleporting from region to region. So, if you are having a problem with TP’s look at HELP->ABOUT and see if you are in a test channel region. If so, look up the JIRA and add your information. The information that is helpful is all the info in the ABOUT panel. Also provide them a list of the attachments you are wearing, the time of the problem (as exact as possible), and info on where you were tp’ing from and to.

Comments on the test channels can be made in the blogrum here: Deploys for Week of 2010-10-11. There are links from the opening post (OP) to other parts of the Release Candidates project.

Second Life Development Viewer

Another new version is out… but that is true every few hours. I’m working with version Second Life 2.2.1 (211863) Oct 11 2010. This one is really sluggish when you first start it. Before logging on I clear the cache. That was tedious because of the sluggish behavior.  The viewer was using 49 to 98% of my CPU cycles.

The RESET button is not a clear cache button as I think of it. The button resets the location of the cache folder to the default SL cache location and clears that location. If you are a paranoid like me and use separate caches, it is a pain to get things cleared and reset. Changing to an existing cache using the BROWSE button gives one the message that it will move and clear the cache. It is a lie. It assumes the new location will be a new empty folder. If it is an existing folder, it doesn’t clear it. It is easiest to manually clear the cache by deleting the files. (How to is in other articles here.)

The viewer works much better once the cache is cleared.


There is a new set of changes-repairs to the search indexer in use now. I’m still seeing lots of complaints about how poorly it works. I’m not impressed with how it works. I use a search for cheongsam  to test.

The search panel is still slow opening in this version of the Development Viewer.

The Lab has a 5 person team working on search problems.

SL Market Place

What can one say… most merchants are unhappy with it. There are problems with the problems. Many features in the XStreetSL are not available in the Market Place. Sales and deliveries are failing. About all one can say is the Market Place was conceived under the old management style and we and the Lab are stuck with it. The Lab has not really got the ‘new open development’ team style in place. So, we don’t really know what is going on now. Or at least I have yet to find it. So, if you have clue me in.

Second Life Collada Meshes

Tomorrow the Open Beta is scheduled to open. The team has been preparing for it. I will probably build a mesh for testing tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing how they work.

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