New Viewer Dolphin Released

The Second Life Wiki just updated with information about a new viewer named Dolphin Viewer. I guess formerly named Frozenglobe. The site for it has a blog here: Dolphin Viewer Blog

The development team is; Aimee Trescothick, Aleric Inglewood, Boroondas Gupte, Carjay McGinnis, Dale Glass, Gigs Taggart, Henri Beauchamp, Jacek Antonelli, Kitty Barnet, Lance Corrimal (team leader? And real life name), McCabe Maxsted, Michelle2 Zenovka, Mm Alder, Nicholaz Beresford, Robin Cornelius, Zi Ree, and Zwagoth Klaar.

Apparently an application has been made for TPV Listing. I don’t see the viewer in the list yet. But, discussions were on going as LL asked the name be changed and Dolphin was found acceptable.

Update: 2010-09-26 – The Dolphin Viewer is now in the TPV Directory. It was added 2010-09-21.

This viewer is based on the Snowglobe 1.5 code base.


There is a download page with caveats and install instructions. I’m considering going through this install but as Snowglobe code has a limited life now that Snowstorm is taking over, this is a low priority for me.

See the download link on the blog for your copy. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “New Viewer Dolphin Released

  1. As far as I can understand from the Dolphin website, that’s Lance Corrimal’s viewer – he seems to be the only one working on Dolphin so far.

    That people list is about people Lance Corrimal wants to thank, not the actual “Dolphin development team”.

    If it was, that would probably be the most impressive development team in the SL viewers history πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your updates about viewers, Nalates – you keep doing a very useful work for SL users.

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