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Second Life Search Blog Article

Second Life Search Blog Article

If you have been wondering about Second Life Search and why all the squawking about search… then read Where, Oh Where Has My Little Store Gone? by Darrius Gothly. It is well written and easily understood.

So if you have been wondering why your business is in recession, your shop empty, and your game has no new visitors… it may be a thing called Boost. It is a technical detail the LL development team has added to SL. It can affect whether a parcel and its contents are listed in SL Search or not.

Darrius points out that Ann Otoole has made a tool for checking Boost on your parcel. You can find it on XStreet: Second Life Boost Rating. Darrius made a tool also: Parcel Boost. Check them out.

Getting good search placement is important. Understanding how to do that requires knowing what your competition is doing as well as how your information is showing up. Darrius made a tool to help people find that out. Yay! See his Second Life – SEO Analysis Research Package – SRAP and the documentation.

One cannot count on Boost or SRAP to fix their search problems. Without SRAP one won’t even know what their search problems are. But, SL Search is still broken. Darrius feels they are working hard to get it fixed. But it is not fixed. It may be some time before it is. But, getting your stuff right can’t hurt and hopefully when Search fixes you will pop to the top. Also, for some it has helped them get back into SL Search.

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