Emerald Viewer 2439 Update

Update: 2010-08-11 6:45 PM SLT A new post appeared today explaining a bit more about the 2439 update and the removal of the 2439 beta release post being removed. Fracturedcrystal posted:

Posting to clear some confusion, I unpublished the previous post with beta 2439 because we are working on a new beta which fixes several security issues with some of the new features introduced in that version. There has however been unexpected technical difficulties in the 1.5 port, some of the other features in trunk, and our dedicated build servers, which we are working to fix at the moment.

The post has links to older beta releases, the 2226 being the newest. See: Re: Beta 2439

Original post: Today I find that the blog link to and article about the Emerald Viewer 2439 build have been removed. A post showing statistics of Emerald Viewer use seems to replace it. Presumably when the 2439 problems are fixed the post will reappear.

There is a thread in the Modular Systems forum titled Where is the 2439 release post?

AleiaSerenity Sapphire of the Emerald Support Team posts:

there were some issues with the avatar texture feature on the pie menu  so the dev’s removed 2437 [I think Aleia meant 2439?] from the blog

I suspect it was more than just a pie menu problem, but who knows? Read Emerald Viewer Released – Review and look at the bugs we know of… I suspect the inventory problems we have been seeing has placed a load on the LL servers as people clear cache and reload inventory. But, that is speculation. Not the inventory problems… the server load.

Update 8/15/2010 – Be sure to read Emerald Viewer Scandal Erupts… Again

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