Naali Viewer Review

This viewer is not for Second Life, but it can be used with SL. I’m not sure why one would…  The Naali Viewer is for  RealXtend. I decided to look at it to see how RealXtend is handling their freeform meshes, you know like the ones coming to SL.

The viewer is large, 72.5 mb of download and 179 mb of disk space. There are currently only Windows versions available, XP, Vista, and Win 7.

The Naali viewer is to replace the current viewer used with RealXtend. The install is easy. Getting logged in is not so easy. You have to sign up at a world and set your name and password. No problem. The Naali viewer gives you a load of 3 different ways to log in. All require a server address and world location… right. Of course the viewer help is not working yet.

Look at the web site for RealXtend. RealXtend Naali Viewer Getting started FAQ – from there you find out you need to read: How to Connect to a Server

They talk about connecting to the demo servers… one would think they mean something that is out there… like now… No, they mean in the future and like some time soon. So, they are talking about running your own world. That is doable. One gets the server from a link here: Taiga

Unfortunately this assumes you understand lots about setting up MySQL and fixing  up the Configuration Wizard… pppphhhht! I already have my OpenSim OSGrid regions running. So, I can’t just trust them not to trash that setup. I need separate databases for these worlds. So, it has to wait until I have more time and feel more like fussing with it.

I do have hopes for the viewer. It is much nicer than the old RealXtend viewer. I really want to see what type of editing tools they have built in for the meshes, if any.

I did some Googling and found REXPIONEERS. They are doing some interesting things in RealXtend. Seems there is more one can do with textures than I expected.

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