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Most of this weekend I was working on RL pay me money projects. This afternoon I’m playing and finding the viewer updates. There are more updates out there than I can get to. I did play with Kirsten’s for a bit.

Emerald Viewer

They have out. More of the SL 2.0.1 updated have been added in. Looks like mostly bug fixes.

Imprudence Viewer

A new weekly is out. This does not replace the recent Beta release. The weeklies are for those that want to be on the bleeding edge and help with development.

The interesting feature is the addition of menu entries for taking off Alpha and Tattoo layers. That is nice.

Several bug fixes are in this release. One was an incompatibility with Emerald and the chatlog file names. I keep my viewers and their caches separate. So, may be that is why I haven’t seen the problem. There is a fix for viewer crash caused by trying to load empty textures. Memory leaks and few other things that have probably caused me problems.

WINDOWS version not likely to be available this week… unless someone wants to do the Windows compile…

Kirsten Viewer Build 27

I find this release the exciting one of this round of updates. Multiwearables…. Oooow sounds nifty. Kirsten says this is not just a viewer hack but real Linden Lab features. I’ll have to load this one and play with it.

There is an option to turn on Allow Multiple Attachment Points. I assume this is what Kirsten means by multi-wearables… but probably not. I see people talking about multi-wearable and multi-attachment in the same post. There is a blog thread started by Adeon Writer (/me wave) dated May 2010: Multi-Attachments Multi-Attachments

This is supposed to allow one to place multiple attachments on the same attachment slot. Emerald did a thing with new attachment slots. But, people using those looked odd if you were not using an Emerald viewer. Kirsten’s is supposedly supposed to work, or soon work, for all viewers. Kirsten seems to be saying this is way LL plans to implement this feature.

Once I turned Multi-attachments on I could not attach anything to my AV. I tried re-logging. I turned it off and got attachments working.  Things were still wacky. Using Emerald I tried the attachments again and still could not attach them using wear. I had to use ATTACH and pick a slot. I tried again in Kirsten’s. If I use Attach and pick a slot I can attach things. They end up in the right place… so something remembers how you had them positioned. But, I could not get two attachments on the same slot. Nor could I edit the position of those items.

Some people have lost no copy attachments, so be careful.

DCS2 does not like multi-attachment turned on. “shouts: WARNING HACK ATTEMPT REPORTED: Nalates UrriahTried to wear a DCS on their hud!!! Hope you kept a copy this dcs will never work again!.” I’m not happy but DCS2 recovery is no big deal.

Quoting a resident: I’ve still been unable to use the new attachment point feature on Kirsten 27. however word is the server side restriction is unlimited attachments per attachment points, with the 31 attachment max still holding.

One person is having graphics problems with this viewer on MacBook Pro with NVIDIA GeForce 330M GT, OS X 10.6.4. Some others have had problems getting anti-aliasing to work. A work-around is to turn off anti-aliasing at the logon page and then enable it in Preferences after logging in.

If you need to clear the cache there are instructions here: Manually Deleting Caches & Settings. I so miss the ‘clear cache’ check box.

Not sure what is up, but I have trouble with re-logging using build 27. I always get a note I am still logged in and must wait.

Hippo Viewer

Last update 4-30-2010 – nothing new yet.

Second Life

Latest Beta version: Second Life 2-1-0-206197 Beta Viewer


Latest version:, May 21, 2010

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