Emerald Viewer 2012 Beta Released.

Emerald Viewer 2012

New Emerald Graphics Page

Today Modular is announcing the release of a new Emerald Viewer Beta version. Yay!!! \o/

5/30 – Emerald Beta build 2028 is out. I don’t see a date or any new information at Modular. The Google wiki is not up to date. So, I’ll have to dig through the forums to find any new news.

They are warning this is an unsupported version. Plus it has known bugs… like which viewer doesn’t? So, this is bleeding edge technology. But, it has some nice new stuff.

Some of the new features are undocumented. What is a Growl Notification? Update: I found out what Growl is. It is a tool for getting notifications from SL while you are doing something else. It is a downloaded app. See Growl for Windows.

There is a new graphics setting page in the Preferences’ Emerald tab. (Page 2 – Graphics). There are new settings there. Fast Alpha has some problems. Check the image for the new page.

The external script editor is included. It is the LSL Editor. If you don’t already know, it has gone open source.

The AO has been improved. It starts much faster. In chat several people are happy with AO fixes. I change between viewers so much I’ve stuck with my ZHAO-II. But more viewers are adding this built in AO feature.

IRC has been temporarily removed. However the OTR chat encryption stuff is included.

Breasts are still buggy… there has to be room for a flea powder or dark RP joke in that one… They bounce… I don’t see the problem.

Camera controls are not what they were in build 1632. Apparently the ones in 2012 make machinima a bit harder.

No Media On A Prim yet, or I have not found out how to turn it on.

There are some new Estate Management tools.

Tattoo layers have been added as have the AV Alpha layers. Word is the alpha layer does not render right for those not using Emerald.

Several people are having a problem with name tags. Going into Pref, General, and Hide Group Titles. Turn it on or off and hit apply. Then reverse setting and apply. At the next On it should correct.

I don’t see much visual change in this release. It is mostly hidden away. I used the viewer for about an hour and half. The FPS was a bit low, 13 to 20. No crashes. The map which is reputed to crash the viewer didn’t. So, I’ve replaced my Alpha version with this beta version.

5 thoughts on “Emerald Viewer 2012 Beta Released.

  1. I am assuming you mean the AFK logout time out.

    I presume that in this build they have added in lots of the SL viewer code and are then integrating their changes into that. Things like the logout time may have slipped through or be part of the requirements for TPVP.

    Just a guess.

  2. I can’t run multiple Avatars with Emerald beta. I open my primary and then when I try to open an alt, it defaults to the primary and I have two viewers with my primary in it. I need to be able to run two different Av’s for my work.

    • I doubt it. Whether there is and you can find it doesn’t matter as it is not being updated. That means it will stop working in a couple of months as SSA rolls out.

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